$66 million verdict
Wrongful Death
One of the top 50 verdicts in the US in 2021
$8.6 million recovered
Rear-End crash causes permeant injuries
$6 million recovered
Medical Malpractice of an infant
$4.47 million recovered
Medical Malpractice

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When the system doesn’t work for our clients, we work to make it right. And when we can make it right for our clients, we make the law better for millions of others. It’s a big responsibility and our Georgia trial lawyers are equipped to deal with it. Our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases across Georgia. And we get powerful results. Verdicts and settlements in favor of our clients total more than $514 million.

Georgia Trial Lawyers

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We handle high-stakes cases for people and businesses. Our Georgia trial lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients, routinely earning some of the largest verdicts in our state each year. Our broad experience and successful results for our clients shape the law in our local community of Savannah, the state of Georgia, and around the country.


Georgia Trial Lawyers
Georgia Trial Lawyers
Georgia Trial Lawyers
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