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Class Action Lawsuits

Major manufacturers, lending institutions, pharmaceutical companies are all supposed to work in your best interest. Our society works on the assumption that they act in good faith, honestly and ethically.


Sometimes they do not. You are not alone if you or a loved one have been damaged or hurt by a major corporation. Because so many people were undoubtedly affected like you, there is a good chance your dispute could be resolved in a Class Action Lawsuit.


If you or a loved one has been injured by a major corporation or company’s negligence, contact a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney at Savage, Turner, Pinckney, Savage, & Sprouse.

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action suit allows people who have been injured by the same party, whether it is a manufacturer, lender or business to file a suit for the entire “class” of plaintiffs. Generally the judge appoints a major law firm to represent the clients. Class Action Lawsuits are designed to help people from every income level pool their resources and go up against a formidable adversary.


As personal injury attorneys, we see many people who have been injured by dangerous and defective drug recalls and defective medical devices. The Federal Drug Administration approves thousands of treatments a year. Physicians and patients must take these test results on face value, but devastating results may not show up for years after testing. Class action lawsuits not only bring attention to a public problem, but they help compensate for the victims’ suffering.

How Many People Do You Need To File A Class Action Lawsuit?

There is no set number of plaintiffs required to start a class action suit in Georgia. Each state has different rules. Most class action lawsuits take place in federal courts. And technically in the federal courts, a class action lawsuit can be filed with just one plaintiff, as long as the attorney has good reason to believe that there are many people who have been injured in the same way.

Why Do I Need A Class Action Lawsuit Attorney?

Class action lawsuits are the great equalizers in court, says firm founder John Foy. They are designed to allow the small and powerless have an equal chance when going up against a large adversary with boundless resources and attorneys. Even so, in a class action lawsuit, you are one of many plaintiffs. The cases take much longer to resolve than normal personal injury claims. A Class Action Lawsuit Attorney will take over the responsibilities of the case for you.

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