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Complex Civil Litigation

Litigation of complex civil matters requires patience and attention to detail. Our litigation team at Savage, Turner, Pinckney, Savage, & Sprouse has the experience and skill to handle even the most novel, difficult, and complex civil cases. Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, you need the right attorney fighting to resolve the matter in your best interest.


Many of our clients come to us when other attorneys have already made costly mistakes, and our civil litigation lawyers pride themselves on the ability to step in and get matters back on track. We handle a variety of complicated civil matters, ranging from property losses to violations of the Consumer Fraud Act.

Civil Litigation Attorneys

Complex litigation requires an expert touch, or cases can drag on for months and even years, draining your company of much-needed resources.


Just any corporate lawyer won’t be prepared to handle the massive amount of due diligence these cases require, nor will they be able to quickly sift through the data to determine the key issues -and the best course of action to address them.


If you are already involved in a civil lawsuit or think that you may have a case in the future, call our law office today for your free consultation. Our attorneys will give you the honest and straightforward advice that you deserve.

Should I Hire A Civil Attorney?

The best way to mitigate complex litigation is to trust a lawyer with experience in other complex cases involving similar legal and factual issues.


It’s also important to consider all your options. A complex litigation attorney that you trust won’t just show you the best way to win a case in court. They will honestly assess other options, telling you frankly when an out-of-court settlement may ultimately impact your company the least or when a summary judgment in your favor may be available.


A complex litigation attorney will put minimizing court expenses and keeping your good name and bottom line in mind as a priority in order to minimize the effects of the lawsuit on company operations.

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