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Savannah Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucking accidents usually lead to much more severe injuries than a typical car accident and can even result in wrongful death.


These types of cases are often highly complex, as they involve investigating such variables as driver logs, vehicle maintenance, and the Electronic Control Module, commonly known as the black box, as well as determining whether the driver, their employer, or other parties were responsible.

Truck Accident Attorneys

Savage Turner Pinckney & Savage has the experience and resources necessary to assist you in recovering the damages to which you may be entitled.


Our team of truck accident attorneys has helped many individuals across the nation maximize their claim, and we are dedicated to treating our clients with care and compassion throughout the legal process and beyond.


If you’ve been hit by a large truck, 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, initiating a lawsuit may be necessary to protect yourself and your family. There’s a very good chance the collision was due to truck driver negligence, the most common form of personal injury lawsuit our truck accident lawyers handle.

How We Can Help

It’s also very common not just for the driver, but for the trucking company to be at fault for a form of negligence. We cannot undo the collision. But we can fight to make victims what the law calls “whole” again. Our experienced truck accident lawyers need to hear your story.

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