Trial Team Wins $6.48 Million for Family of Shooting Victim

Our Trial Team Secured $6.48 Million for Family of Shooting Victim

“The facts of this case are hard to face,” said Sam Mikell, co-counsel for the Plaintiff. “By taking the time to revisit what happened, the tough details, we’re giving a voice to someone who otherwise couldn’t speak. It’s the right thing.”

Maura Ashton Steedley (1991-2009) was shot at close range with a shotgun on October 14th, 2009. Preliminary investigation indicates the shotgun was being handled by a 19-year-old neighbor when it discharged according to initial news reports. She died in Waycross, Ga., at Satilla Regional Medical Center.

Maura’s grandparents who are raising the two young children Maura left behind finally get some justice.

After years of litigation, lead counsel Brent J. Savage gave the court a preview of what the evidence would show, asking the court to return a a verdict that Maura’s family is entitled to under Georgia law. “We’re going to ask the court to award damages for the full value of Maura’s life,” said Brent J. Savage, managing partner of the firm. “We’re in a position to do the right thing for two young children.”

“Maura’s life was an opportunity for a redemption story. And she had already set the stage,” said Zachary R. Sprouse during closing argument.  Not long before she was killed inside the home in Brantley County, Maura had built a plan for making a better life for her two children.

Lamar Thrift and Iva Thrift — permanent and legal custodian of Maura Steedley’s minor children — were represented at trial by attorneys Brent J. Savage, Samuel L. Mikell, and Zachary R. Sprouse, all of Savage Turner Pinckney & Savage.

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